Pink, Brainwave-controlled Cat Ears for Humans

(Youtube Direktears, via Mindhacks)

Die japanische Firma Neurowear hat ein paar Katzenohren produziert, die anhand von Gehirnwellen auf die Stimmungen des Menschen reagieren. Von Wired UK:

The cat ear product, called "necomimi" is a novelty hair band that is worn in the normal way but features sensors that pick up on brain signals and convert them into visible actions -- in this case by wiggling the cat ears.

The ears twitch through a range of different positions, which correspond to different brain activity. So when you concentrate, the ears point upwards and when you relax the ears flop down and forwards. The result is a kick-ass pair of ears that will make everyone at the furry convention / fancy dress party jealous.

Brainwave-controlled cat ears for humans created by Japanese Neurowear, ein weiterer Clip nach dem Klick.