Peak Oil was here!

Zum letzten mal hatte ich vor rund einem halben Jahr über eine offizielle Grafik der Internationalen Energiebehörde gebloggt, die offensichtlich zeigte, dass Peak Oil bereits hinter uns liegt. Das haben sie nun zum ersten mal offiziell zugegeben.

THE AGE of cheap oil is now over – and that’s official.

For the first time, the International Energy Agency has conceded that global crude oil production has already peaked and that the commodity will become more and more expensive.

In the Catalyst programme broadcast last night on Australia’s ABC1 television, the agency’s chief economist, Fatih Birol, said “peak oil” was reached in 2006. He said that he expected oil prices to rise by 30 per cent over the next three years. “The existing [oil] fields are declining so sharply that in order to stay where we are in terms of production levels in the next 25 years, we have to find and develop four new Saudi Arabias,” Dr Birol said.

Oil prices to keep rising as peak production reached in 2006 (via Fefe)