Camera filled with HIV-positive Blood goes to Africa

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Vor zwei Jahren hatte ich über Wayne Martin Belgers Kameras gebloggt, die er aus Totenschädeln, Teilen der Twin Towers oder echten Herzen zusammenbaut und die selbstverständlich alle funktionieren.

Eine davon ist die HIV Camera, die mit einem eingebauten Rotfilter versehen ist, der aus HIV-positiven Blut besteht: „4"x5" camera made from Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, Acrylic and HIV positive blood. The blood pumps through the camera then in front of the pinhole and becomes my #25 red filter. Designed to shoot a geographic comparison of people suffering from HIV.“ Und mit der will er nun nach Afrika reisen um dort das Leben von Menschen zu dokumentieren, die mit dem Virus leben, das Projekt lässt er sich durch Kickstarter finanzieren.

The HIV pinhole camera has three clear cylinders that contain HIV+ blood that circulates through with the help of a pump made from rare earth magnets that slide on titanium rails. The blood then flows between two sheets of Acrylic that are five-thousandths of an inch apart and mounted right in front of the pinhole (the hole that allows light in to create the image on film). Wayne tested with his own blood and a light meter: at five-thousandths of an inch thick, the blood (after mixing with the right combinations of Heparin as an anticoagulant and .9% Sodium Chloride to stabilize has the same light restriction as a #25 red filter used in photography. When he had the combination right, he had a doctor take some of his friend’s HIV+ blood, mixed it, and then inserted it into the camera.

The camera is designed to study people living with HIV and AIDS. All photographs are shot through and altered by HIV positive blood. So far Untouchable has photographed about 14 HIV+ people in San Francisco and 15 in Grand Rapids Michigan.

With the help of Kickstarter Wayne Belger is taking the project to Ethiopia, Uganda, Sierra Leona and Calcutta to photograph a geographic comparison of people living with the virus, and how that geographic or political location makes all the difference in one's well-being.

The resulting images will be shown around the world in museums and galleries and will also be published in a book entitled Bloodworks.

Superspannendes Projekt und jede Unterstützung wert: Bloodworks: Africa (via BoingBoing)

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