Radiohead Acid-Tabs

Creative Review hat ein erstes Preview auf die am 9. Mai erscheinende Special-Edition des King of Limbs-Albums von Radiohead. Neben einer (weiteren) Zeitung und typischen Stanley Donwood-Artworks gibt's dazu obige LSD-freien Radiohead-Acid-Tabs. Er erzählt Creative Review, dass er denkt, man habe Acid-Tabs noch nie als Marketing Gag benutzt. Natürlich gab es das bereits, und zwar spätestens mit Plasticmans „One Sheet“-Album, mit dem man diese Blättchen bekam.

The 60s link continues in the blotting-paper artwork Donwood has created, which could be seen as a large sheet of LCD tabs. "I wouldn't like to push any of those associations," Donwood says coyly, before going on to muse on the idea of someone turning the innocent sheet into the drug. "In theory, not that I would propose such an illegal thing, but somebody could...," he says. "And I don't think that's been done as a marketing thing before."

The King of Limbs Newspaper Album by Stanley Donwood