Star Trek-Protests, 1968

Die LA Times hat ein Bild der 1968er Proteste gegen die Absetzung von Star Trek nach der zweiten Staffel ausgegraben. Ich mag ja das Schild im Hintergrund sehr: „It's totally illogical to cancel Star Trek.“ Danach gab's noch eine dritte Season und NBC zog schließlich trotz weiterer Proteste den Stecker. Rest is history.

In the Jan. 8, 1968, Los Angeles Times, staff writer Jerry Ruhlow reported:

Students at Caltech have found little time for demonstrations, protests and draft card burnings rampant on many of the nation’s campuses.

But Saturday night, a throng of more than 200 chanting, banner-waving Caltech scholars conducted a torchlight procession through the streets of Burbank to carry a protest to the steps of the National Broadcasting Company.

In what some observers suggest may be the emergence of the college’s social conscience, the enraged students voiced opposition to rumored canceling of NBC’s science fiction series Star Trek.

“It Is Totally Illogical to Cancel Star Trek,” read the sign of one bespectacled protester…

‘Star Trek’ protest (via io9)