Doku-Trailer: Shut up little Man

Die Dokumentation „Shut up little man“ klingt definitiv schonmal wie etwas, das ich mir ansehen muss. Und die Story dahinter ist völlig irre: ein schwuler und ein homophober Mann leben zusammen und schreien sich den ganzen Tag an, klingt wie eine Underground-Variante von „The Odd Couple“. Von der Website zum Film:

The phenomenon began in 1987 when Eddie and Mitch (two young punks from the Mid West), moved next door to Peter Haskett (a flamboyant gay man), and Raymond Huffman (a raging homophobe). This ultimate odd-couple hated each other with raging abandon, and through the paper-thin walls their alcohol-fuelled rants terrorised Eddie and Mitch. Fearing for their lives they began to tape record evidence of the insane goings on from next door.

In recording Pete and Ray’s unique dialogue, the boys accidentally created one of the world’s first ‘viral’ pop-culture sensations. Their tapes went on to inspire a cult following, spawning sell-out CD’s, comic artworks by Dan Clowes (Ghostworld), stage-plays, music from the likes of Devo and a Hollywood feeding frenzy.

(Vimeo Direktshutup, via Laughing Squid)