God save the Queen is IT for Vinyl-Investors

(Youtube Direktshave, via Arbroath)

Das Record Collectors Magazine hat die 50 wertvollsten Platten aller Zeiten zusammengestellt, die absolute Hitsingle ist „God save the Queen“ von den Pistols mit (nur) 8000 Pfund (circa 9000 Euro).

The original single for God Save the Queen, the irreverent and angrily sung tribute to the monarchy during Silver Jubilee Year, was published by A&M Records, but soon after the company dropped the band and destroyed most of the copies, making any existing versions worth £8,000 today. The band was soon picked up by a young Richard Branson and his Virgin label, which re-released the single.

The second-most valuable record is a first pressing of The Beatles' first album, Please Please Me, worth £3,500 if found in mint condition. Ian McCann, editor of Record Collector magazine, which drew up the list, said: "There is something of an investment market in mint-condition copies of iconic albums.

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