Musicvideos: Devo, Art Brut, Parts & Labor

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Oben erstmal das neue, interaktive 360°-Panorama Sell Out-Video der Irren von Devo zu „This is what we do“ (man kann tatsächlich ein paar der Produkte im Video kaufen), Mashable hat ein Interview mit Gerald V. Casale: Click Around & Buy Things in Devo’s Interactive Video.

How does the theme of repetition (in the song) relate to the structure of the video?

Mark [Mothersbaugh] and I are running around in circles like hamsters in a wheel between the camera and the various activity stations where people of both genders and many ethnicities are doing things humans do over and over. It’s the endless cycle of life that we are all caught up in. We must repeat! Hence, “We’re all Devo.”

You’re using new technology to create a video about how there’s nothing new. Is there any kind of message implied in that?

Devo’s central conceit has always been about the inherent conflict of human nature. Things change but ultimately stay the same. (i.e. Why does history always repeat itself?) We never forget we are a part of what we talk about so we deliver everything with a sense of humor.

Weitere Clips nach dem Klick.

LOL Boys - Blockz

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Art Brut – Lost Weekend

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Parts & Labor - Echo Chamber

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The Wombats - Techno Fan

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Little Red – All Mine

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Justice – Civilization (The Duelles Remix)

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Villagers - The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever)

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