Mindcontrolled Choose-your-own-Adventure-Movies

(Youtube Direktmynd, Crossposting von den F5, will ich auch hier haben)

Heute launcht MyndPlay eine Technologie, die mittels eines Headsets Gehirnströme ausliest und damit Filme steuert, die entsprechend der Stimmung des Rezipienten unterschiedliche Wendungen nehmen. Wird sich natürlich nicht durchsetzen, denn Filme wollen ja auch immer überraschen, aber interessant ist das allemal.

Von New Scientist:

The Myndplay system uses a headset to pick up the patterns of brain waves associated with different states of mind, and based on the readings takes film stories in different directions to various possible endings.

In the films the viewer takes the role of the protagonist. They can achieve positive outcomes for their character if they achieve either high levels of mental focus or relaxation at key plot junctures, as measured by a headset sensor measuring patterns of electrical activity in the brain.

"It brings a level of interactivity to video that has never been achieved before," said Mohammed Azam, managing director of Myndplay, based in London. "The viewer chooses who lives or dies, whether the good guy or the bad guy wins or whether the hero makes that all-important save."

Your brain signals can drive how the movie ends, hier die Website von MyndPlay