Hottest Chili in the World grown with Worm Juice

Zwei Jungs aus Australien haben mit ihrer „Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chilli“ den Rekord für die schärfste Chili der Welt gebrochen und zwar, in dem sie das Ding mit „Worm Juice“ gedüngt haben. Worm Juice ist Sickerwasser aus Wurmfarmen und enthält unter anderem eine Menge Chitin von toten Insekten und das wiederum aktiviert die Abwehrmechanismen der Pflanze, was bei einer Chili wiederum heisst: Burn, burn, burn!

The fiery Trinidad Scorpion Butch T registers 1,463,700 Scoville heat units, placing it ahead of the current leader recognised by Guinness World Records, the Naga Viper, which comes in at 1,382,118. Jalapenos measure about 2500-5000 and the hottest Tabasco is 30,000.

"They're just severe, absolutely severe," says Marcel de Wit, The Chilli Factory co-owner. "No wonder they start making crowd-control grenades now with chillies. It's just wicked." The chilli is so scorching, that Marcel and his team have to wear protective gear when handling the new variety. "If you don't wear gloves your hands will be pumping heat for two days later," he says. […]

Marcel adopted Neil's idea in using liquid runoff from a worm farm - 'worm juice' - to fertilise the crop and he believes this is the secret to the super-hot chilli. "He originally worked with it but didn't understand why it worked," says Mark, who studied the fertiliser. He discovered that worm juice contains nutrients, plant growth hormones and promoters, beneficial bacteria that colonise the root area, and chitin from dead insects that triggers the plant's natural defence systems.

Aussies grow world's hottest chilli (via /.)

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