Saddam Husseins Interspecies Erotica-Prosa

Foreign Policy hat einen ziemlich interessanten Artikel über die literarischen Qualitäten von Diktatoren von Gaddafis Kurzgeschichte „The Astronaut's Suicide“ bis hin zu Kim Jong Ils Systemparabel in Form des Filmsachbuchs „The Cinema and Directing“. Und dann hätten wir da noch Husseins Passage mit einer Bärin, die unschuldige Iraker in ihrer Höhle vögelt.

Saddam's literary prowess is shadowed by his stilted prose, a fondness for profanity, and blatant attempts to use his political enemies as the central villains of his stories. According to the Guardian, the English translation contains repeated uses of the word "asshole" to describe the evil husband. It also features a bizarre bestiality sex scene:

Even an animal respects a man's desire, if it wants to copulate with him. Doesn't a female bear try to please a herdsman when she drags him into the mountains as it happens in the North of Iraq? She drags him into her den, so that he, obeying her desire, would copulate with her? Doesn't she bring him nuts, gathering them from the trees or picking them from the bushes? Doesn't she climb into the houses of farmers in order to steal some cheese, nuts and even raisins, so that she can feed the man and awake in him the desire to have her?

The book's English translator believes the bear is supposed to represent Russia.

Bad Politics, Worse Prosa – From suicidal astronauts to bestiality, you can learn a lot about what makes the world's worst tyrants tick from the terrible books they write (via The Browser)

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