Explaining Sort-Algorithms with Hungarian Folk Dance

11.04.2011 Misc #Coding #Dance

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Suchalgorithmen mit ungarischen Volkstänzen erklärt, das hier ist vielleicht das surrealste Nerdgold, das ich jemals gepostet habe. Das da oben ist Shell Sort, auf iProgrammer gibt's noch Bubble-, Insert- und Select-Sort. Mit ungarischen Volkstänzen. What? (via /.)

You may well have seen many simulations of sorting algorithms that aim to show in novel ways how the algorithm works or perhaps doesn't work quite as well as it should. However I guarantee that you have never seen anything quite in the same league as the videos made by Sapientia University - they are simply crazy but in the nicest possible way.

Take one Central European folk dancing team, a small folk band and an added overlay showing array locations and get them to dance the algorithms in time to "appropriate" folk music. The result is slightly surreal and for a time at least slightly hypnotic.

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