Voinas giant Penis wins russian Art Prize

Vor ein paar Tagen wurden Mitglieder der russischen Künstlergruppe Voina von Polizisten auf einer Demo verprügelt, heute beschmeisst sie das „Ministry of Culture and the National Center for Contemporary Art“ mit einem Kunstpreis und Geld, und zwar für ihren riesigen Pimmel in St. Petersburg. Von der NYT:

The radical art collective Voina has won a contemporary art award sponsored by Russia’s Ministry of Culture and the National Center for Contemporary Art for a project that consisted of a 210-foot penis painted on a drawbridge in St. Petersburg, said Andrei V. Yerofeyev, a member of the jury that awarded the prize. […]

Among the arguments they put forward was that the penis had already gained such a wide audience via the Internet that ignoring it would also be making a statement. “No one wanted to look like a conformist,” said Mr. Yerofeyev, a prominent intellectual who has long championed Voina, which means war.

The support is mutual. When Mr. Yerofeyev was prosecuted for fomenting ethnic and religious hatred by staging an exhibit that scandalized the Russian Orthodox Church, members of Voina infiltrated the courtroom with electric guitars and an amplifier and suddenly climbed up on the benches to perform a punk-rock song called “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Radical Art Group Wins Russian Ministry Prize (Falls Ihr auf die Paywall der NYT stosst, das NYTClean-Bookmarklet hilft.)

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