Vatican praises St.Hackers

In einem Artikel hat ein Tech-Experte des Vatikan, Antonio Spadaro, Parallelen zwischen Hacker-Ethik und Katholizismus gezogen.

Hacker mentality implies a joyful application of intelligence to problem solving, rejecting the concept of work as repetitive, burdensome and stupid, Spadaro wrote. Hacker ethics rejected a capitalistic, profit-oriented approach to work, eschewing idleness but favoring a flexible, creative approach that was respectful of the human dimension and natural rhythms, he said.

In addition, hacker philosophy fosters creativity and sharing, and is both committed yet playful. “Under fire are control, competition, property. It’s a vision that is … of a clear theological origin,” writes Spadaro. He argues (rather vaguely) that many of these characteristics are also, as odd as it may seem, characteristics of Catholic philosophy.

Vatican Says Computer Hackers Are More Saint Than Sinner