Omi kickt ganz Armenien aus dem Internet. Kein Scheiß.

Eine Omi hat beim Buddeln nach Altmetal das Kabel durchtrennt, das Armenien mit dem Internet verbindet. Daraufhin waren ganz Armenien und viele Teile Georgiens und Aserbaidschans stundenlang ohne Netz.

Usually when there are internet problems in former Soviet countries, people suspect nefarious government interference. This time, though, it was a granny on the hunt for scrap metal who damaged fibre-optic cables leading from Georgia to Armenia and knocked the entire country's internet out for several hours.

The 75-year-old woman was hunting for copper in rural Georgia when she dug up the cable that is part of a network providing internet to much of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Granny cuts off Georgia's internet during scrap hunt (via MeFi)