Beastie Boys' Fight For Your Right Revisited – Trailer

(Youtube Direktbeasties, via Coudal)

Endlich, darauf warte ich seit drei Monaten, als ich zum ersten mal davon hörte: „Fight for your Right revisited“ ist ein Kurzfilm der Beasties, den sie auf dem Sundance-Filmfest uraufgeführt hatten, oben erstmal der Trailer dazu, der komplette Film sollte dann zum Erscheinen des neuen Albums bald auftauchen.

Geschrieben und inszeniert vom frisch vom Ohrspeicheldrüsenkrebs geheilten Adam Yauch, es spielen unter anderem mit: Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen, Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi, Alicia Silverstone, Laura Dern, Jason Schwartzman, Kirsten Dunst, Orlando Bloom und Will Ferrell

Aus der MTV-Meldung vom Januar:

The short film, which runs about 20 to 25 minutes, is part music video, part improv-heavy comedy. It begins directly after the conclusion of the '87 video, with the Beasties crawling out of the party-mad apartment in a cloud of smoke, the original tune playing in the background. They head down the stairs and immediately run into the parents of the kids whose party they crashed. Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci play the parents.

From there, Rogen, Wood and McBride head out onto the New York City streets — the film was apparently shot in three days on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles — looking to keep the party going. They bust into a bodega, steal a couple six-packs of beer and head back out. At that point, the short transforms into a music video, with the Beasties rapping into the camera and guzzling beer as they walk.

"It felt super cool," McBride told us earlier. "The moment you start rapping into a fisheye lens, you realize you've been training for it your whole life."

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