3D-printing Buildings

Nori Oxman vom MIT Media Lab arbeitet an 3D-Druckern, die Bauteile für Gebäude drucken sollen. Ich freu mich schon auf P2P für Architektur. Von Technology Review:

Existing 3-D printers, also called rapid prototyping machines, build structures layer by layer. So far these machines have been used mainly to make detailed plastic models based on computer designs. But as such printers improve and become capable of using more durable materials, including metals, they've become a potentially interesting way to make working products.

Oxman is working to extend the capabilities of these machines—making it possible to change the elasticity of a polymer or the porosity of concrete as it's printed, for example—and mounting print heads on flexible robot arms that have greater freedom of movement than current printers.

Buildings Made with a Printer (via Fabric)