The greatest TED Talk ever sold: Morgan Spurlock on TED

Sehr schöner und sehr unterhaltsamer TED-Talk von Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) über seinen neuen Film „The greatest Movie ever sold“, einer Doku über Product Placement, die er über – genau! – Product Placement finanzierte. Im TED-Talk selbst hat er ebenfalls als Experiment Werbeplätze verkauft. Und nach Minute 6:35 wird jeder, der dieses Video ansieht, nach „Transparency“ googeln.

(Youtube Direktsold, via TED-Blog)

Much of the TV, video, film and sport we watch is sponsored by a brand, a product, a corporation. But … why? With humor and persistence, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock dives into the hidden but influential world of brand marketing, on his quest to make a completely sponsored film about sponsorship. And yes, the onstage naming rights for talk were sponsored too. By whom and for how much? He’ll tell you. (Recorded at TED2011, March 2011, in Long Beach, CA. Duration: 19:28)

Der Trailer zu seiner neuen Doku nach dem Klick.

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