People 3D-Scanned with Kinect, 3D-printed as a Sculpture

(Vimeo Direkt3d, via Ignant)

Schönes Projekt von _blablabLAB aus Barcelona: Die haben eine Installation aus 3 Kinects vor ihrer Bude stehen, mit der sie Leute scannen, die Daten schicken sie dann an einen 3D-Printer, der ein kleines, individuelles Souvenir ausdruckt. Bilder davon gibt's in ihrem Flickr-Stream, hier ihre Website (under construction).

All the software used in this project is free and open. Custom software has been developed using openFrameworks and openKinect in order to produce a tunable full 360 degree point cloud. Using a midi controller, the three differents input pointclouds (3 Kinects) can be adjusted in space and resolution. The resulting combined point cloud is processed by Meshlab to produce a watertight mesh reconstruction (Poisson reconstruction). Skeinforge takes the mesh, previously cleaned up through Blender (in order to replace the bottom basement, and insert specific structural elements), and outputs a gcode file, which can feed a cnc machine (Rapman 3.1).

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