Ectoplasma-Lightwriting thru Pics of dead Killers Slices

Okay, das hier ist supercreepy, auf so 'ne Art. Erinnert Ihr Euch noch an das iPad-Holograph-Lightwriting? Mit genau derselben Technik und der animierten Sequenz der (wörtlich!) Scheiben eines hingerichteten Killers haben Künstler für ihr Project 12:31 moderne Ectoplasma-Fotos produziert. Snip von Wired:

An executed murderer whose body was famously sectioned for the Visible Human Project has been resurrected in ghostlike form in a new series of layered photographs.

Project 12:31 reassembles the corpse of Texas killer Joseph Paul Jernigan, who was put to death by lethal injection in 1993. Jernigan’s body was documented using computed tomography and magnetic resonance imagery after his execution, then sliced into 1,871 axial cross-sections, each about 1 millimeter in thickness. The images from the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project were then distributed via discs and eventually, the internet. […]

To produce Project 12:31’s spooky images, a video of a longitudinal descent down Jernigan’s body was played on a laptop screen. Moving the computer in practiced patterns in front of an open camera shutter, photographer Frank Schott captured the ghoulish-looking smears in a studio. After about 150 takes, he and Gagnon settled on seven patterns to overlay on dark, barren scenes from around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Killer’s Corpse Lives Again in Ghostly Time-Lapse Photos