The Chemistry of Hemingways Bloody Mary

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Schönes Posting auf NPR über Ernest Hemingways Bloody Mary-Rezept, dessen chemische Zusammensetzung grade von Neil Da Costa analysiert wurde.

Da Costa has used every trick in the chemist's book to analyze each ingredient, and the cocktail as whole. He presented his findings at a meeting of the American Chemical Society this week. Da Costas, an expert in food flavors, is chairman-elect of the group's agriculture and food chemistry division.

With gas and liquid chromatography, Da Costa isolated the wide variety of compounds that give the bloody mary its unique flavor. The drink covers much of the taste spectrum: sweet, salty, sour and umami — the savory taste of glutamic acid.

Cocktail Chemistry: Parsing The Bloody Mary

Related: People with Drinks Named After Them - Bloody Mary: „While the origin of the name is, like much of the drink's history, uncertain (one school of thought holds Mary was a waitress at a Chicago bar called Bucket of Blood), the most famous "Bloody Mary" was Queen Mary I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine Aragon. She ruled England from 1553 until her death in 1558 and received the nickname for her intolerance of Protestants.“

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