Doku: Punk in London, England

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Zwei tolle Dokus von Wolfgang Büld: Punk in London und Punk in England. Oben, weil frischer, erstmal der zweite Teil, nach dem Klick der erste in einer YT-Playlist.

Filmed in 1980 as punk was fading, Punk In England captures the scene at a point of transition from a revolution to the pop mainstream. With dynamite performances by The Jam, Ian Dury, The Clash, The Specials, Madness, The Pretenders and many more.

Punk in London:

(Youtube Direktlondon)

Re-mastered from the original negative featuring The Clash and some of punks most important bands. Directed by German filmmaker Wolfgang Buld, this is a unique visual record of London punk life in the late seventies. Filled with unseen live footage and some incredibly naive comments. Punk in London is so loaded with history and brilliance that you can almost smell the energy!


1. The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
2. Jimmy Pursey Interview
3. Chelsea Interview 1
4. Chelsea - Right To Work
5. Chelsea Interview 2
6. X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage: Up Yours!
7. Poly-Styrene Interview Part 1
8. X-Ray Spex - Identity
9. Poly-Styrene Interview Part 2
10. Lurkers Interview
11. The Lurkers - Shadow
12. The Red Cow Club
13. The Jolt- Unknown
14. Jolt Interview
15. The Jolt - You're Cold
16. Miles Copeland Interview
17. The Electric Chairs - (You Make Me) Cream In My Jeans
18. The Killjoys - It Could Be Me 1
19. The Killjoys - It Could Be Me 2
20. Kevin Rowland Interview
21. The Killjoys - At Night
22. The Rough Trade Record Shop
23. The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
24. Subway Sect - Ambition
25. Subway Sect - Out Of Touch
26. Subway Sect Interview
27. Rat (Damned Roadie) Interview 1
28. Sounds Newspaper
29. Teddy Boys Interview
30. The Jam - Carnaby Street
31. The Jam - In The City
32. Jean Jaques Burnell Interview And A Cynics View Of Punk
33. The Boomtown Rats - Do The Rat
34. Rat (Condemned Roadie) Interview 2
35. The Clash - Complete Control
36. The Clash - Hate And War
37. The Clash - Police And Thieves
38. The Clash - Garageland

Punk in London
Various Artists - Punk In England