The Gadgets of Real Life-Ghostbusters

Gizmag hat ein lustiges Posting über die Geräte von echten Geisterjägern. Ich suche übrigens schon lange eine anständige Galerie mit Vintage Ektoplasma-Fotografie… ihr wisst schon: Diese ollen Fotos, auf denen den Leuten weiße Bettlaken aus dem Mund hängen. Falls jemand sowas hat: Her damit. Jedenfalls… The Gadgets of Real Life-Ghostbusters:

Given that ghosts are frequently thought of as non-physical beings that can only be seen by people like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Haley Joel Osment, one might wonder how regular human technology could possibly register their presence. We're told that it all comes down to what people are made of.

"We're built out of energy – atoms and molecules," says Rona Anderson, co-partner in the nonprofit Paranormal Explorers ghost-hunting group, which operates out of Edmonton, Canada. "I just think it's an internal piece of us that stays when our bodies deteriorate."

"When somebody dies, do they go into another dimension, with a very thin wall?" asks her partner, Ben Myckan. "I think that's sort of what it is. You can't destroy energy, it's just in a different dimension."

So apparently, it's not so much about looking for lost souls as it is looking for unexplained energy, or evidence of its manipulation.

Gadgets for the ghosthunter (via /.)