Worlds largest Megalodon Jaw for sale

Wenn Ihr genug Kohle und Platz in der Bude habt, könnt Ihr Euch dieses Gebiss, zusammengebaut aus den Fossilien prähistorischer Megalodon-Haie, nach Hause stellen. Das Baby ist knapp 2,70 Meter hoch und 3 Meter breit.

It was put together by the late Vito Bertucci, a jeweler and amateur scuba diver who became known as “Megalodon Man” for his dedication to hunting fossils of the giant prehistoric shark that dominated the oceans between 2.5 million and 1.5 million years ago. He spent years collecting fossils of Megalodon teeth, studying their proportions and assembling complete toothy Megalodon jaws for venerable institutions like the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Baltimore Aquarium.

This one is the biggest one he ever made. It took him over 16 years diving the mid-Atlantic coastal plains to collect enough of the largest teeth — they’re much rarer than the smaller ones — to compose this marvel.

World’s largest Megalodon jaw for sale