LHC Panoramas

(360cities DirektLHC)

360Cities hat gleich eine ganze Reihe von Panoramafotos aus dem Large Hadron Collider, aufgenommen von Laurent Egli während der LHC für Wartungsarbeiten angehalten wurde.

360 Cities (Jan): Can you share with our readers how a mortal man can manage to get an invitation to get inside?

Laurent: Taking of these image has been made possible through a meeting with Maximillien Brice. Max is the head photographer for CERN and has become a personal friend of mine. So when he called me to tell me that the LHC was being stopped for some maintenance and that we had a small window of opportunity to go down on monday the 7 th of ferbruary I couldn’t not jump on the occasion.

Laurent: 18:30 we meet in front of the information center of CERN which is on the Swiss side near the village of Meyrin. You have to know that the LHC is a huge circle tunnel that covers tens of kilometers at an average of 100 m under the surface of the canton of Geneva in Switzerland and the department of Ain in France. Along this very long tunnel filled with high end technology and supra conductor magnets there are various caverns hosting experiments related to finding the boson of Higgs. One of the is the CMS or compact mudon solenoid. After driving for 15 minutes on the French side we reach the small village of Cessy near Gex. It’s there that lays one of the shafts that is going to take us down to the CMS. Before going down we have to wait a couple of minutes for the supervisor who will be accompanying us down. This facility is under very high security. Each staff member caries a huge pass around his neck the size of a cell phone. This device is also a densitometer that records the level of radiation that the personel is submited to. Iris recognition doors complete the security system to make sure absolutely no one enters without proper surveillance.

Virtual Tour: The Large Hadron Collider CMS Experiment in CERN