Discoverys final Piss in Space

15.03.2011 Misc #Space

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Fantastischer, fast schon fäkalpoetischer Shot von Jens Hackmann aus Weikersheim: Das ist die Discovery auf ihrem letzten Rückflug zur Erde beim Ablassen des Schmutzwassers oder anders ausgedrückt: Astronaut-Piss in Space. Gibt's auch als Video auf Youtube.

What looked like a bright shooting star with a wide, curly tail is most likely Discovery performing a waste water dump while soaring in orbit near the end of its 39th and final mission.

Jens Hackmann of Weikersheim, Germany recorded the special moment in a short movie that appeared on In the images and movie from March 8, Discovery is visible in the twilight skies over Europe, leaving a trail of what may be frozen, crystallized urine and waste water, disposed in preparation for the shuttle's landing the next day.

Skywatcher Spots Astronaut Pee in Space (via io9)