Doku: Naomi Kleins „The Shock Doctrine“

(Youtube Direktshock, via Dangerous Minds)

Ein sehr netter Mensch hat die Doku zu Naomi Kleins Buch „Die Schock-Strategie“ komplett bei Youtube hochgeladen. Von Wikipedia: „The book argues that the free market policies of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman have risen to prominence in some countries because they were pushed through while the citizens were reacting to disasters or upheavals. It is implied that some man-made crises, such as the Falklands war, may have been created with the intention of being able to push through these unpopular reforms in their wake.“

Buch: Die Schock-Strategie: Der Aufstieg des Katastrophen-Kapitalismus
Doku: Shock Doctrine [UK Import]