Reactor-Explosion in Japan

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Fuck, das ist nichts, womit man an einem Samstagmorgen aufwachen will. In Japan wurden nach dem Beben Explosionen am Nuklearreaktor in oder am Fukushima 1 gehört, Video davon oben. Livestream hier, Updates wie sie reinkommen. Zusammenfassung der Geschehnisse von Guardians Liveblog:

•There are growing fears about damage to two nuclear power stations following Friday's 8.9 magnitute earthquake. There has been an explosion at a building at one of the plants, Fukushima No 1 in Futuba, 150 miles (240km) north of Tokyo. Japanese authorities have extended the evacuation area at the Fukushima No 2 plant to 10km, the same distance as for Fukushima No 1 plant.

•The death toll from the disaster is expected to exceed 1,300, with most deaths due to drowning. The official death toll currently stands at 413, with 784 people missing and 1,128 injured. Police said between 200 and 300 bodies were found along the coast in Sendai, the biggest city in the area near the quake's epicentre.

•Police estimate that more than 215,000 people are taking refuge in emergency shelters in the east and north of the country. Many survivors have been trapped overnight on rooftops, surrounded by a sea of mud and water. Around 50,000 rescuers have deployed to the region.

•Tsunami warnings for most of Japan have been lowered, although there is still a risk of large waves along the north-eastern coast.

•The tsunami rolled across the Pacific at jet speed but had weakened before it hit Hawaii and the West Coast of the US. Initial reports suggest limited tsunami damage to Pacific island nations.

Von @GeorgeTakei: „The Red Cross now has an earmarked fund for the Japan quake and tsunami: #TodayWeAreAllJapanese“

Weitere Updates nach dem Klick.


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Superineressanter Thread auf Reddit: How serious is the threat to the Fukushima nuclear plant?: „Disclaimer: IAaNRO (I Am a Nuclear Reactor Operator. I work part-time at my college's research reactor) […] tl;dr: Right now, the fear isn't meltdown, it's mainly the steam pressure. The media are definitely playing up the meltdown angle, though.“ „In dem beschädigten Atomkraftwerk in Fukushima hat es eine Kernschmelze gegeben. Das bestätigte die Nationale Behörde für Kernkraftsicherheit nach Informationen von ARD-Korrespondent Robert Hetkämper in Tokio.“

Liveblog vom Guardian, Liveticker von Reuters

Gallerie: Tsunami hits Japan after quake
Factbox - Experts on explosion at Japan nuclear plant:

"If the fuel is substantially intact, then there'll be a much, much lower release of radioactivity and the explosion that's happened might be just due to a build-up of steam in the reactor circuit.

"The most probable (cause of the explosion) is the coolant, particularly if it's water, can overheat and turn to steam more rapidly than it was designed to cope with."

He said it was unlikely it would develop into anything more serious, but this would depend on the integrity of the fuel, which contains nearly all the radioactivity of the plant. He said he thought it would be "pretty unlikely" that the fuel itself had been significantly damaged.

Tweet Zeit Online: „Widersprüchliche Nachrichtenlage: ARD-Korrespondent spricht von Kernschmelze, Japans Regierung dementiert Kernschmelze. (wb)“

„@Reuters: Can you confirm there has been a nuclear meltdown as it is reported by German state television? – hugo, a number of people throughout the morning have mentioned talk of a meltdown on German televsion. We have heard no suggestion of one having taken place, however, the latest news is that there is a low level radiation leak.“

NHK-GTV und YokosoNews im Splitscreen–Stream.

Tweet von @doktordab: „Betriebserlaubnis für #AKW-Block in #Fukushima1 läuft im März 2011 nach 40 Jahren ab - Punktlandung.

Pacific tsunami wave height model (image), How earthquakes work, and how science makes us safer

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Japan earthquake factbox: Entire Japan coast shifted 2.4 metres, earth axis moves ten inches:

Dr. Dave Applegate says the Japan earthquake ruptured a 180 mile long by 50 mile wide section of the Earth's crust. Scientists from the United States Geological Service answered questions from the public this afternoon, with some startling revelations made. […]

* Earth's axis has reportedly shifted ten inches as a result of the quake, and Japan's coast is said to have permanently shifted 2.4 metres.
* The quake was 900 times stronger than the quake that hammered San Francisco in 1989.
* St Louis, Missouri media outlets report that city has moved an inch as a result of the quake.
* Waves from the ensuing tsunami reached 32 feet high.

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