Vintage Artikel über die erste SciFi-Convention 1939

Das Time Magazine veröffentlicht grade sein Archiv online, darunter dieser tolle Artikel von 1939 über die erste SciFi-Convention in New York.

Sold at U. S. newsstands are about a dozen pulp magazines with such titles as Amazing Stories, Astounding Stones, Startling Stories, Strange Stories, Fantastic Adventures, Thrilling Wonder Stones, Unknown, Marvel Science Stories, Weird Tales. In the pulp trade they are known as "pseudo-scientifics" or "scientifiction." This week in Manhattan this amazing group of publications produced an amazing show: a convention of their fans. […]

Scientifiction's fans, mostly boys of 16 to 20, are the jitterbugs of the pulp magazine field. Many keep every issue, and a copy of the magazine's first issue often fetches $25 from collectors. Publishers soon discovered another odd fact about their readers: They are exceptionally articulate. Most of these magazines have letters columns, in which readers appraise stories. Sample: "Gosh! Wow! Boyoh-boy!, and so forth and so on. Yesiree, yesiree, it's the greatest in the land and the best that's on the stand, and I do mean THRILLING WONDER STORIES, and especially that great, magnificent, glorious, most thrilling June issue of the mosta and the besta of science fiction magazines. . . ." […]

Cried Fan Will S. Sykora, from Astoria, L. I.: "Let us all work to see that the things we read in science fiction become realities."

The Press: Amazing! Astounding! (via io9, Bild: Cover von Amazing Stories Issue 01 aus meiner Sammlung)

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