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(TED Direktwater)

Superinteressanter Vortrag auf der TED Konferenz von Deb Roy, der die Sprachentwicklung seines Sohnes drei Jahre lang in 90000 Stunden Video festgehalten hat und so eine Sprach-Timelapse-Studie anfertigen konnte. Die Datenvisualisierungen in diesem Vortrag sind nichts anderes als mindblowing.

MIT researcher Deb Roy wanted to understand how his infant son learned language — so he wired up his house with videocameras to catch every moment (with exceptions) of his son’s life, then parsed 90,000 hours of home video to watch “gaaaa” slowly turn into “water.” Astonishing, data-rich research with deep implications for how we learn.

Wireds Epicenter hat mehr dazu und das Audiofile als WAV: TED 2011: How ‘Gaga’ Becomes ‘Water’

Since they stopped recording in 2008, Roy and his MIT team have transcribed more than 7 million words and created computer models to track the movements of his son and caregivers throughout the house over time and match them to language. The data is still being processed, but Roy provided a look at one surprise his team has discovered so far.

By collecting each instance in which his son heard a word and noting the context, they mapped all 530 words the boy learned by his second birthday. In doing so they uncovered a surprising pattern in which caregivers would suddenly slip into simple language, then slowly move back into more complex sentence structures.

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