The Fuck Up Big Time-Man

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The Onion über einen Superhelden mit der unwahrscheinlichen Fähigkeit, alles, aber auch wirklich alles größtmöglichst zu versauen:

Neurologists at Johns Hopkins University confirmed Monday they remain completely baffled by Rockville, MD resident Erik Collins, a man who possesses an extraordinary and previously undocumented ability to fuck everything up. […]

"We've never seen these cognitive abilities in a human subject before," said Moore, adding that Collins invariably misses important appointments, fails to call loved ones on their birthdays, and runs out of gas at busy intersections. "Probability dictates that even the biggest fuckups should occasionally get things right, if only by accident. But not Erik. We observed him making breakfast in 72 experimental trials, and 72 times he ended up with an inedible gray mush."

"Seriously, how does anyone screw up toast?" Moore added.

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