The Spy who hated Wikileaks

(Youtube Direktspy, via Fefe)

Der ehemalige Chef vom MI6 hat in einer „geheimen“ Rede neue Technologien, das Web und explizit Wikileaks für die Revolutionen in Nord-Afrika und im Nahen Osten verantwortlich gemacht. Unglücklicherweise war die Love Police, die ich hier schon öfter hatte, dabei und hat alles mitgefilmt. The Spy who loved me not so much: „And what I said is not on the public record“. Yes, it is.

When the former head of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service comes to town to give a talk, we do our own wikileak on him - Here he feels comfortable, this is Cambridge University, home of the children of the elite and upper classes, so he feels safe that this is "his audience". Little did he know that The Love Police Intelligence Officers were present, capturing his every word.

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