Blimpus: Aufblasbare DIY-Customized Monstertoys

Mike und Tony wollen aufblasbare DIY-Monster herstellen und das ganze zunächst über Kickstarter finanzieren. Me likes this very, very much.

BLIMPUS, a new project by our very own Coretoon artist, Lunchbreath and illustrator/designer Mike Serafin, is a blank inflatable vinyl canvas with two feet to "stand" on. They're a little over two feet tall with stubby legs and they're made of an ink-receptive PVC vinyl which means you can customize using markers, tape, spray paint, screen printing and almost anything else.

There are three options for BLIMPUS:
1. Blank Blimpus Character for complete customization
2. Solid Color Blimpus with Sticker Kit: A cyan, magenta or yellow solid color vinyl character and a vinyl sticker kit which includes facial features and whatnot to get you going. Peel, stick, cut, chop, blend, bleach, mix and match, go to town. Like the DIY version this material also accepts paint, markers, etc. for additional tomfoolery.
3. Designer Edition Character Blimpus A fully printed character entirely designed by us and printed by our vendor in CA via digital transfer. Please express your preference from our four Kickstarter Edition characters: Cyclops, Yeti, Owl, Ninja.

Blimpus, An Inflatable Character Canvas (via Core77)