Mexican Druglord Music

(Youtube Direktcrime)

Wired hat ein viel zu kurzes Posting über Narcocorridos, das sind Songs, die von mexikanischen Bands für Drogenbarone geschrieben werden. Das Video oben stammt von Movimiento Alterado mit ihrem Song „Sanguinarios del M1“ und das hat auf Youtube fast 6 Millionen Views und ich verwette meinen Arsch, dass noch keiner von Euch davon jemals gehört hat.

Lyrics: „'Con un cuerno de chivo / y bazuka en la nuca / volando cabezas / al que se atraviesa' (With an AK / and a bazooka taking aim / blowing off the heads / of whoever gets in the way)“ Unbedingt das ganze Posting lesen.

Tubas and accordions, guns and cocaine. Welcome to the weird, violent world of narcocorridos, songs about and for Mexico’s drug lords. The performers aren’t the first musicians to identify with outlaws. But unlike the works of Johnny Cash or Biggie Smalls, the songs belted out by the cantantes de narcocorridos are often commissioned by cartel chiefs themselves. “They sound like country singers and function like the wedding singer from The Godfather,” says music writer Elijah Wald, who tracks the movement. Here are some of los más famosos. Check out their hokey paeans to criminal mayhem on YouTube, but be careful—the quality is as uneven as cheap blow.

Narcocorridos: Music to Mexican Drug Lords’ Ears