Egypts Uprising and the vintage Martin Luther King-Comic

Vor 5 Jahren hat Ethan Persoff ein 50 jahre altes Comic über Martin Luther King gescannt und online gestellt, seitdem wurde es unter anderem in arabische Sprache übersetzt und genau dieser Scan spielte vielleicht nicht die geringste Rolle beim Aufstand in Ägypten.

This is a good story about the value of putting things online, waiting 5-10 years, and seeing where they end up.

If you've been following esoteric details of the Egyptian uprising, one interesting side story is the Martin Luther King Jr comic book, which Rep. John Lewis said on MSNBC "over 200,000 copies have been translated into arabic and distributed through Egypt."

In the article "Egyptians draw inspiration from Civil Rights Movement comic book", David Grio writes:

"With as many as 2 million protesters flooding the streets of Cairo, change seems to be on its way. But did a 50-year old comic book about Martin Luther King help change the course of history in Egypt? Rep. John Lewis thinks so. On MSNBC the congressman and veteran of the civil rights movement told Andrea Mitchell that young Egyptians have been buying a comic book called the The Montgomery Story.

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