Extreme Origami at MIT

15.02.2011 Misc #Origami

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Schöner Artikel und Video von Boston.com über den Extreme Origami-Club am Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chen arrived at MIT with a sophisticated knowledge of origami design, quickly connecting with like-minded enthusiasts through OrigaMIT, a club for serious paper folders who know how to push the envelope, not just turn one into a paper yacht.

An influx of talented young folders like Chen has solidified the university’s reputation as a hotbed of “extreme’’ origami, a branch of the ancient art form that draws upon high-level mathematical and engineering skills to create mind-blowing works of art. With a mailing list of 200 members drawn from every segment of the MIT community, the club holds weekly meetings and workshops and sponsors campus-wide competitions that challenge MIT’s best and brightest to fold their way to glory.

Origami finds new dimensions at MIT (via Laughing Squid)