The Making of Roadhouse Relics' Neon-Signs

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(Youtube Direktneon, via Notcot)

Tolles Video über Todd Sanders und Roadhouse Relics, die Neonschilder wie in den 50s herstellen. Ideacity hat einen großartiges Posting zum Video über den Mann.

His vintage neon murals and sculptures decorate and influence the Austin landscape giving it what Todd likes to call a “crude charm.” His work has played a role in giving Austin an eclectic, positive identity that is known worldwide as “Austin Style,” but for Todd, it is modern vintage and it is echoed in each of his works.

His pop art has appeared in almost every Robert Rodriguez movie filmed in Austin and other major motion pictures including “Miss Congeniality” and “The Rookie.” His work has also appeared in Esquire, Texas Monthly and Southern Living. Celebrity clientele includes Norah Jones, Russell Crowe, Willie Nelson and ZZ Top. And as Austin becomes a bigger player on the national scene after years of steady growth, it seems only natural that Todd’s influence would grow along side it.

We had the pleasure of learning more about Todd while we chronicled him making the “Subliminal” sign for Shepard Fairey’s new gallery in Los Angeles. Said Shepard about his work,

“For me, street art is putting work in public for all to see without compromise. My art is a creative dialog with the people and I think Todd Sanders achieves the same thing through the medium of a sign-making. His work challenges the notion of a sign being purely for driving capitalism, and demonstrates a craftsmanship and authenticity which bring art and commerce together. Beauty and style are essential to both good art and branding, and these values are powerfully reflected in the intricacies of Todd’s work.”

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