Revolution in Ägypten (9): Mubarak ist zurückgetreten

Da guckt man 30 Minuten lang nicht hin: Mubarak ist zurückgetreten. People have won. Livestream. Von Al Jazeeras Liveblog:

6:09pm: No point any of our presenters trying to speak over the roar of Egyptians celebrating.

6:04pm: Jubilation breaks out across Egypt. Flags waving. Joyous scenes in Tahrir Square, Alexandria, Suez. Watch our live stream here:

6:03pm: He's gone. He's resigned. 30 years of Mubarak rule is over. Omar Suleiman says: „President Hosni Mubarak has waived the office of president.“

6:01pm: Omar Suleiman addressing nation now.

Updates nach dem Klick.

[update] @NevineZaki: „The army is giving candy to everyone in tahrir“

Don Dahlmann: „Mit Mubarak ist nicht das System zurück getreten.“


[update] BoingBoing: Egypt: Dance Dance Revolution (big photo gallery)

Goodbye, Mubarak: Hope, Fear and Mahir Çağrı: „While there’s been extensive debate about whether social media helped organize or promote the protests in Egypt, I think the interesting story to watch will be whether social media can help Egypt in the transition to democracy. Power now rests with a council of military leaders, and there have been suggestions that this group could be complemented by a council of civilian “wise men”, giving a seat at the table to figures like Mohamed El-Baradei.

If this process were to work, it would need to include voices of the youth, the people who led this revolt. One likely spokesman for Egyptian youth is Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who created the We Are All Khaled Said page on Facebook, widely credited as helping rally the original protests on January 25th. After his emotional televised interview on Dream TV, hundreds of thousands have joined a Facebook page authorizing Ghonim to speak on behalf of the protesters. Speaking to CNN today, asked what’s next in revolutions in the Arab world, Ghonim said, 'Ask Facebook.'“

(Vimeo Direktparty, via Malcolm)

[update] Telepolis: Die ägyptische Armee als "zweiter Pharao": „Die ägyptische Armee, die seit Freitag offiziell für die Amtsgeschäfte des Landes verantwortlich zeichnet, hat Hosni Mubarak einfach zur Seite geschoben. Indem sie einen der ihren von der Bühne entfernte, sorgte sie für Feierstimmung bei Millionen von Demonstranten, die die Regierungsgebäude umzingelt hatten.“

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