Secret History of Social Networking (Podcast Teil 2 und 3)

Ich höre grade Teil 2 und 3 des dreiteiligen Auftakts des neuen BBC Podcasts „Secret History of Social Networking“. Diesmal gehts um die .com-Blase Anfang der 2000er, den Aufstieg von Facebook, im dritten Teil gibt's einen Ausblick auf die Zukunft.

Teil 2: Friends in High Places (29 mins, MP3)

Rory Cellan-Jones tells the story of the social networking scramble of the early 2000s and finds out how Facebook emerged to become world's biggest social network. Facebook wasn't the first site of its kind - other businesses had a lot in common with Mark Zuckerberg's efforts - but its simplicity and the single-minded focus of its CEO gave it an advantage over the competition. With big growth has come big controversy, over privacy, security, and targeted advertising. Rory finds out that some people are becoming more wary about what they share online - could new networks spot a gap in the market and steal Facebook's crown?

Teil 3: Life After Facebook (29 mins, MP3)

Rory Cellan-Jones looks at the social networking sites of the future and asks where the phenomenon is heading. New sites are springing up all the time. The future of social networking could lie in localised sites geared towards specific interests, in limiting your online circle to your closest friends, or in sites that allow users to keep control of their personal information. Finally, Rory returns to the social networking pioneers of the 70s and 80s. How do the hippies and hackers who created the first social networks think their revolution has turned out?

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