Johannes Jacob Scheuchzers Physica Sacra, 1725

Flickr-User Pluriverse hat knapp 300 Scans aus Johannes Jacob Scheuchzers Physica Sacra, einem der ersten Bücher über Fossilien überhaupt. Darunter so tolle Anatomie-Illus wie oben.

Swiss naturalist and creationist, Johannes Jacob Scheuchzer (1672-1733. In 1725 he examined what he believed were the fossilized human remains of a victim of the Deluge. His knowledge of fossils can only be considered remarkable, however, and despite his belief in the literal truths of the Bible Scheuchzer was responsible for laying the groundwork for the science of fossils long before there was a science of palaeontology.

Physika Sacra (Der hat sowieso eine nette Sammlung von Scans historischer Bücher. Auch super: Eggs of the World, via Morbid Anatomy)