Fanmade Star Wars-Doku

(Dailymotion Direktstarwars, via )

Schöne dreiteilige Doku über alle drei Star Wars-Filme von Jambe Davdar mit jeder Menge deleted Scenes (kennen NC-Leser zwar schon alle, aber egal), Audiokommentaren und Outtakes: Star Wars Begins, Building Empire und Return to Jedi. Zwei der Videos wurden geogefickt, weshalb Honki the Man die bei Dailymotion hochgeladen hat, was das Anschauen minimal kompliziert macht. Oben das erste Video aus dem ersten Doku-Teil, hier das erste Video aus dem dritten Doku-Teil, die Youtube-Playlist (inklusive gefickter Clips) nach dem Klick.

Star Wars Begins (Video 1 hier)

Star Wars Begins is an unofficial commentary to Star Wars, offering an insight into the development and creation of film. The documentary combines video from the movie itself with seen and unseen behind the scenes footage, rare audio from the cast and crew, alternate angles, bloopers, reconstructed scenes, text facts and more to give an in-depth look at the process which brought the film to the big screen.

Building Empire

‘Building Empire’ is a documentary created by ‘Jambe Davdar’. It combines the feature length film ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ with behind the scenes video clips, audio from the cast and crew, alternate angles, resconstructed scenes and text facts, taking fans deep inside the process behind the making of the Star Wars sequel.

Returning To Jedi (Video 1 hier)

In an ambitious effort to collect all material from Star Wars : Return of the Jedi, into one insightful project, author Jambe Davdar has presents ‘Returning To Jedi’. The result of a years hard work, this labour of love provides an extensive look at the making of Episode VI.

This is the follow-up to ‘Building Empire’ which gained a large following of admirers due to the depth of research and final presentation of the documentary.

This sequel incorporates many rare alternate takes, production audio, on-screen facts, cast and crew commentary, storyboards and behind the scenes footage to give you the must-have companion to the final chapter of the original Star Wars Trilogy.