Don't make me steal – Digital Media Consumption Manifesto

04.02.2011 Misc #Copyright

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Über das Wörtchen „steal“ kann man lange diskutieren, dennoch: Signed.

I PROMISE never to illegally download a movie if there was a legal alternative following the criteria on this page

* Content is delivered without ads, or infringement warnings.
* I can find movies or TV shows by year, director, language, country, genre, IMDB ID, etc.
* The release date is global. There are no limits regarding the country you live in.
* I can download nearly every movie ever made.
* I can watch the movie on any device, without any differences in how the movie is presented.
* Movies are not bound to the service provider, and must be DRM-free.
* I can easily understand my rights regarding movies that I rent, buy, or stream at a flat rate.

DON'T MAKE ME STEAL – Digital Media Consumption Manifesto. (via MeFi)