Revolution in Ägypten (6, updated)

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(Bild via Gutjahr)

[update] Die Armee hat eine Pufferzone zwischen den Anti- und Pro-Mubarak-Demonstranten errichtet. Von Al Jazeeras Liveblog: „11:35am Egyptian soldiers separated pro-democracy supporters and Mubarak loyalists in central Cairo, deploying infantry to create a buffer zone in an attempt to halt violence between them. A Reuters journalist at the scene says the opposing camps are separated by a distance of some 80 metres. It is the first time the army acts decisively to halt the violence.“ (via The Awl)

[update] The New Yorker: Dispatches from Egypt, Six Egyptians

[update] Foreign Policy: Game over: The chance for democracy in Egypt is lost: „The so-called "pro-government" forces are actually Mubarak's cleverly orchestrated goon squads dressed up as pro-Mubarak demonstrators to attack the protesters in Midan Tahrir, with the Army appearing to be a neutral force. The opposition, largely cognizant of the dirty game being played against it, nevertheless has had little choice but to call for protection against the regime's thugs by the regime itself, i.e., the military. And so Mubarak begins to show us just how clever and experienced he truly is. The game is, thus, more or less over.“

[update] Amnesty International representatives detained in Cairo

[update] Vodafone: Egypt forced us to send text messages: „A text message received Sunday by an Associated Press reporter in Egypt appealed to the country's "honest and loyal men to confront the traitors and criminals and protect our people and honor." Another urged Egyptians to attend a pro-Mubarak rally in Cairo on Wednesday. The first was marked as coming from "Vodafone." The other was signed: "Egypt Lovers."
In a statement, Vodafone Group PLC said that the messages had been drafted by Egyptian authorities and that it had no power to change them.“

[update] The diplomatic car that ran over 20 people in cairo: „My friend in Egypt was online today.... I asked him what happen. He said "bro they killing us" and sent me this video.“ (Reddit)

[update] ABC: „We’ve compiled a list of all the journalist who have been in some way threatened, attacked or detained while reporting in Egypt“

Spiegelfechter: Ägypten vor dem Showdown: „Wer glaubte, dass die Ägypter tatsächlich mit friedlichen Protesten eine Demokratisierung des Landes erreichen könnten, muss seit den gestrigen Auseinandersetzungen am Kairoer Tahrir-Platz leider umdenken. Es scheint vielmehr so, als ob die Hardliner innerhalb der ägyptischen Junta nicht viel von einem “geordneten Übergang” halten. Morgen läuft das Ultimatum der Demonstranten ab. Sollte Husni Mubarak morgen nicht zurücktreten, droht Ägypten ein blutiges Wochenende.“

Guardian: Egyptian protesters' makeshift helmets – in pictures

Telepolis: Regime scheint sich auf die Niederschlagung der Proteste vorzubereiten, Mubarak: Wenn ich gehe, kommt das Chaos: „30 Minuten lang habe sie mit dem ägyptischen Präsidenten Mubarak gesprochen, berichtet Christiane Amanpour. Er habe genug, sei amtsmüde und würde jederzeit zurücktreten, verriet Mubarak der Reporterlegende, aber wenn er gehe, breche das Chaos aus, dazu nannte er die Muslimbruderschaft als finstere Macht.“

Medienwandel: Tumblrs moderierte Tag-Seite zu Vorgängen in Ägypten
Ursprüngliches Posting nach dem Klick.

Letzte Updates aus Ägypten, ich aktualisiere dieses Posting im Laufe des Tages. Hier erstmal Al Jazeeras Liveblog für den 3. Februar und der Livestream (hier auf Youtube).

New York Times: Mubarak’s Allies and Foes Clash in Egypt: „The deadly clashes that started Wednesday carried into Thursday morning, when shots were fired at the anti-Mubarak protesters, a number of witnesses said. It was unclear whether the shots came from the pro-government demonstrators or from the military forces stationed in the square.“, Arab World Faces Its Uncertain Future

Guardian: Egypt's revolution turns ugly as Mubarak fights back „Egypt's pro-democracy revolution descended into violence and bloodshed overnight as President Hosni Mubarak's regime launched a co-ordinated bid to wrest back control of city streets, crush the popular uprising, and reassert its authority. Bursts of heavy gunfire rained into Tahir square just before dawn today and there were reports that three more people had been killed.“

BBC: Deaths in renewed Cairo shooting: „Every couple of minutes we hear a sequence of gunshots, and it's only on one side of the square, which is the one close to Cairo Museum. This is where the clashes have been going on for more than five hours now, completely non-stop“

Wired: Cairo’s Band of Geeks Survives Tahrir Square Assault: „For three days, the geeks and online activists and D.I.Y. filmmakers protested peacefully here in Tahrir Square. For three nights, they slept in tents with their laptops by their sides and kept their mobile phones charged by hacking into one of Tahrir’s street lights. On the fourth day, Wednesday, the lynch mob came and encircled them.“

Horses, Camels, Rocks, Molotovs: Egypt’s Thug Tech: „The intensifying crackdown is decidedly old-school. There was a cavalry charge into Tahrir Square: As the army hung back in its armored personnel carriers, plainclothes police forces — some of their ID cards were captured by protesters and shown on TV — rode camels and horses, attempting to break demonstrator phalanxes with wooden sticks.“

Slate: Thousands of Men and No Groping!: „Egypt's protests were a safe space for women. Until things turned violent.“

NPR: Hezbollah, Israel And Egypt: What Happens Next?: „What's been happening, first in Lebanon and then in Tunisia and now in Egypt and who knows further afield, suggests that new forces have been unleashed and we have no idea where they might lead and what new dynamics they might create.“

HuffPo: Tahrir Square Gunfire: Egypt Protests Continue Overnight As Mubarak Supporters Attack: „Egypt crowd on bridge throws molotov cocktails on protesters below at Tahrir Square“

Aerosol resistance in bloody Cairo: ‘The people want the regime to end’
The Twitter Revolution Must Die
A Completely Unpredictable Revolution
LA Times: Egypt crackdown echoes years of Mubarak's iron rule
Time: Mubarak Reveals a Brutal Plan to Hold Power, Were the Army and the Cops in Cahoots All This Time?
Washington Post: In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak still has support, from rich and poor
NPR: Violence Escalates Between Mubarak Enemies, Allies, Job Security For Arab Leaders: A 3-Step Process
Big Picture: A harrowing, historic week in Egypt
Telepolis: Mubarak setzt auf Strategie der Spannung
Egyptians draw inspiration from Civil Rights Movement comic book
Life: Mubarak's Supporters Fight Back!
Techcrunch: Latest WikiLeak Reveals Google And The State Department Talked To Unblock Egyptian Videos

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