Guillermo del Toro, Monster-Maker

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Der New Yorker hat ein tolles Profil inklusive Video über Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth) und seine Monster. Zuerst geht es um Del Toros Kindheit, wo er bereits eine ausgeprägten morbide Ader zeigte, dann (natürlich) um seine Filme. Schließlich, und das ist wahrscheinlich der schönste Teil des Artikels, zeigt er Daniel Zalewski vom New Yorker sein Haus inklusive geheimer Zimmer und uralter Bücher über Vampire. Toller Artikel, Must Read für Horror-Buffs.

In an adjoining hallway, he pushed on a bookcase: the inevitable hidden door. A severed leg, from “Cronos,” was propped near the fireplace. Del Toro picked it up and smiled. “This is complete with fake hair!” he said. “We used to do this at Necropia. You put the hair through a hypodermic needle and inject it.” While running Necropia, he worked regularly on “Hora Marcada,” a Mexican homage to “The Twilight Zone.” In one episode, del Toro played an ogre who befriends a child; the show was directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who later made “Y Tu Mamá También.” They became good friends, and essential editors of each other’s work. The ménage-à-trois scene near the end of “Mamá” was del Toro’s idea.

The latest addition to Bleak House was a clockwork automaton of a skeleton playing the accordion, which del Toro had bought for sixteen thousand dollars. He has said of his fetish for the macabre, “It’s as hard to explain as a sexual proclivity. Some guys like high-heeled shoes. I like horror.” The size of the collection was disconcerting; it was as if the 40-Year-Old Virgin had been handed a three-million-dollar decorating budget. Del Toro owned more than five thousand comic books and several puppets of Nosferatu. On a shelf, a posed plastic figurine of Leatherface, from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” battled Edward Scissorhands. A life-size statue of Boris Karloff, in the guise of Frankenstein’s Creature, lurked in a corner of the dining room. At one point, del Toro issued the apt warning, “This is the room where I keep most of my aliens.”

The kitchen had no food other than a box of crackers.

Show The Monster – Guillermo del Toro’s quest to get amazing creatures onscreen

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