ZOMGscience for fucks sake!

31.01.2011 Misc Science #Fuck

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Mein neues Lieblingsblog für die nächsten zehn Minuten: ZOMGscience bloggt über Biochemie und zwar mit jeder Menge Shits und Fucks.

ribonuclease A: „This evil shit is isolated by boiling cellular gunk until every other fucking thing floating in it dies... All this hairy bitch does is cleave RNA, it doesn't give a flying fuck who that RNA belongs to.“

hydrofluoric acid: „Fuck, if a super toxic, corrosive gas isn't enough we went and made a deadly contact poison out of the bitch that loves calcium and shit. Calcium is seriously important for things like, fuck, I don't know, muscles and nerves and bones and shit. Once that nasty hydrofluoric acid busts the fuck in, it pisses that jizzrag hydrogen off and goes hunting for calcium. This is about as good for you as a crushed glass enema.“

ATP synthase: „That sexy breakdancing enzyme takes punk ass adenosine diphosphate, which is about as useful to the cell as homeopathy, and turns that fucker into ATP...how you ask? It fucking headbutts another phosphate right onto that bitch when it twists around. Just stop and think how hardcore this little shit is fuck its like punching a pig so hard you get showered in bacon.“

Dmitri Mendeleev: „Not only did this Russian pimp organise shit up according to atomic weight chemical properties and character of elements he predicted elements that hadnt been discovered yet just by using the table he fucking made.“

ZOMGscience (via MeFi)