Kinect Holographic Leia-Hack

(Youtube Direktleia, via Waxy)

Am MIT haben sie mit dem Kinect holographische Videoschnipselübertragung hinbekommen. Selbstverständlich haben sie dazu Leias „Helf mir Obi Wan Kenobi“-Zeile genommen. Hier der Artikel der MIT News dazu:

The challenge with real-time holographic video is taking video data — in the case of the Kinect, the light intensity of image pixels and, for each of them, a measure of distance from the camera — and, on the fly, converting that data into a set of fringe patterns. Bove and his grad students — James Barabas, David Cranor, Sundeep Jolly and Dan Smalley — have made that challenge even tougher by limiting themselves to off-the-shelf hardware.

“Really, the focus of our work in digital holography — and I think this makes us pretty much unique among the very small community of people in the world even doing holovideo — is that we’re trying to make a consumer product,” Bove says.

3-D TV? How about holographic TV? Using a single Xbox Kinect and standard graphics chips, MIT researchers demonstrate the highest frame rate yet for streaming holographic video.

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