More Cheese from Human Milk, plz!

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Miriam Simun entwickelt grade Käse auf Muttermilch. Was sie vermutlich nicht wusste: Ein Koch aus New York hat exakt dasselbe bereits getan, hatte ich hier vor ein paar Monaten. Snip aus einem Interview auf Food and Techconnect: Miriam Simun On Human Cheese, Biotechnology, & Sustainable Food, hier die bisherige Zusammenfassung ihres Projekts. (via Gizmodo)

Danielle Gould: What was the inspiration for creating human cheese?

Miriam Simun: I love cheese. I have been trying to eat better recently, and there’s so many different considerations that go into ‘better food’ – organic, natural, local, sustainable, free-range, ethical, fair trade…its really overwhelming. It makes buying a wedge of cheese this complicated endeavor. So I started thinking – what would be the most natural, local, ethical cheese possible?

DG: Where did you procure the milk and how expensive was it?

MS: I used two different sources. One woman lives here in New York, and she very kindly donated it to me – she has been overproducing, filling up her freezer, and was finding it painful to just throw it away. I purchased the milk from the another woman, and she shipped it to me in ice, from Wisconsin. I am working to make a delicious Wisconsin human cheddar. I found both the women on an online marketplace for breast milk – where women regularly arrange to sell and donate their milk. It’s pretty interesting, women set the price of their breast milk depending on if they provide blood work, and also the health of their diet.

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