The Moon Inside You: Happy Menstruation-Documentary

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Schöner Trailer zu einer interessanten Doku von Diana Fabiánová, die am New Yorker Flughafen zunächst festgenommen wurde, als sie sagte, sie wolle auf einem Festival eine Dokumentationen über die Menstruation zeigen. Die dachten, sie würde sie verarschen wollen. Interessantes Detail für Deutschland: „When The Moon Inside You went on sale in Germany, Fabiánová said she was told that German women would not buy it, because 'German women are not interested in their bodies.'“ Und tatsächlich verkauft Amazon zwar das Plakat, nicht aber den Film.

Von Artthreat:

The same incredulity met her on street corners in France, Spain, England and Slovakia. When asked what he thought about menstruation, one man in the film concluded several moments of flustered silence by declaring that he cannot think at all right now, and simply walking away.

Such incidents are precisely why Fabiánová set out to make The Moon Inside You. She was tired of the secrecy which has surrounded the subject for so long — the way that our taboos have swept it under the rug and stifled our communication.

Speaking from Bratislava, she explained, “I started to do this movie because I couldn’t just believe that you should be in pain because you are a woman. And all the doctors, when you go and you say, ‘Well, I have a pain, what can I do?’, they say, ‘Well, it’s a part of womanhood, it’s the price you have to pay that you can have children,’ and it’s bullshit!” The doctors, she said, “just don’t care to do anything about it because they can sell you the pills”.

From contraceptive pills to feminine pads, there is a huge market supported by our silence. What the Church once did in making menstruation taboo, companies do today. “They know they can play on the shame of women, so they try to artificially recreate the shame, and the fear that somebody will find out that you are bleeding.”

The Moon Inside You – A documentary explores one woman’s quest for a happy period