Chatbots discuss Chomsky & Foucault

(Youtube Direktchatbots, via Gearfuse)

Schön strange Installation von Annie Dorsen, in der sich zwei Chatbots über ein Gespräch zwischen Noam Chomski und Michel Foucault unterhalten. „Don't worry about Chomsky dying. He'll be on youtube forever“.

Language is meaningless, thought is pointless, and we're all gonna die. Hello, hi there!

New York director Annie Dorsen takes the famous television debate between the philosopher Michel Foucault and linguist and activist Noam Chomsky from the Seventies as inspiration and material for a dialogue between two specially developed chatbots: every evening, these computer programs designed to mimic human conversations perform a new - as it were, improvised - live text.

Hello Hi There is a performance without people - a literal expression of post-humanism, and simultaneously an examination of what it means to be human. The piece goes inside the question of human nature and intelligence, both the organic and the artificial.

Annie Dorsen – Hello Hi There