Gabriela Hermans Blogger-Portraits

Raw File hat ein nettes Special zu Gabriela Hermans Blogger-Portraits. Von den Blogs sind mir nur wenige bekannt und es fehlt eindeutig eine verratzte Nerdbude in der Fotoserie, aber wahrscheinlich haben die auch alle einfach nur vorher aufgeräumt.

Herman’s Bloggers sheds light –- usually the glow of the laptop screen -– to the previously invisible rise of dormitory pundits. She shows us not only the physical spaces where blogging takes place and the people behind the blogs, but also the human connections made over those apartment wi-fi connections.

“I wanted to bring their intimate worlds to the outside public,” says Herman. “Ultimately though, Bloggers is more about rethinking the way we experience the world, looking at how we live and spend our time.”

Voyeuristic Blogger Portraits Put Faces to URLs